We had a minor technical glitch in February/March so if you wrote to our contacts page and did not receive a reply it is because the message did not get through. Please try again.


Our rehearsals are currently suspended and there is no set date for concerts to resume. We meet up online and talk, continuing to rehearse on our own at home. The thinking at the moment is that we hope to start performing again for the public on Monday evenings once it is safe and the tourists start to return. This could well turn out to be a series of autumn concerts. Watch this space for further updates.


We have now donated over fifty thousand pounds of donations to charity since we began singing in St. John’s church on Monday nights. Our final concert of 2019 was marked with a record audience of some 200 people who applauded enthusiastically as we handed out £5,000 worth of cheques to ten charities ( details are on our “Charities” page).  They also gave us a standing ovation at the end which was much appreciated by the choir. A huge thank you to all who joined us on Monday evenings.

In Memoriam (October 2020)

Tracy Nolan

Followers of the Harmony Singers will be sorrowed to learn that Tracy succumbed to cancer a few days ago. She was not only our lead soprano but also a founding member of the choir and as chair of our committee was a driving force behind the choir’s continuing success. With a superb voice and the ability to charm an audience,  in her long career Tracy not only sang professionally but also starred in many local amateur musicals in the Llandudno area over several decades. She was a member of St. John’s Methodist Church, Conwy, where we rehearse and after an episode of cancer twenty years ago she became a leading member of the Cancer Chums’ charity. We are deeply saddened at the loss of our vibrant, generous, inspirational friend. She is survived by her husband, Peter, two sons, a step-son  and their families.