Our 2022 season commenced on Monday June 13th  and will continue every Monday night until September 26th

St. John’s Methodist Church, Llandudno
(Opposite Waterstones and the entrance to the Victoria Centre)

Entrance: £7  (Tickets on the door)

“What a great concert – a very talented group of singers with a wide repertoire. We really enjoyed our evening and I would definitely recommend that you go along.”

We sing

Every Monday evening through the summer season we open our choral soul and sing our hearts out.

Whether in the powerful rhythm of Vivaldi’s “Gloria” or a full-on tribute to the exuberant genre we call ‘Doo-Wop’ we give it our all.

Sometimes softly,  a cappella, in Puccini’s “Humming Chorus” or in the confessional force of “Anthem” from Chess:  we sing.

The repertoire ranges from the close harmonies of The Carpenters  to the gentle humour of the musicals.

Our audience, a mix of tourists and a growing band of local supporters appreciate the varied programme and unbridled enthusiasm of the Harmony Singers.

The best is saved until last when at the end of the summer we give away our proceeds to local and national charities (over £50,000 so far).

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